All Giz Wants: Zune Done Right

All Giz Wants: Zune Done Right

We may have given high marks to the Zune, but in the end we still chose the iPod as the player of choice for the holidays. But what we'd really like is the Zune to be done right.

Here's what we're thinking...

•Full iTunes importing. Right now the Zune does play nicely with iTunes and imports all unencrypted AAC and even song ratings. But it doesn't have iTunes-purchased song support and it doesn't import play counts. If this is done, people can truly migrate from the iPod without losing everything.



•Larger storage. For a player to be this much bigger than even the larger, 80GB hard drive, it should definitely have more storage space. Give us as much space as in a laptop hard drive and we're golden.

•Better format support. Yes, we want to watch DivX on this thing without transcoding it.

•FM transmitter. Let us listen to the thing in our cars without having to buy another device.

•Touch sensitive buttons. We liked it on the iPod. Give it to us here.

•Actual use for the WiFi. Streaming, DJing, syncing, sharing over the net. Add in all the potential features and we'll go nuts.

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