Ray-Tracing to Revolutionize Gaming Graphics?

The quality of gaming graphics is about to take a quantum leap, especially if 26-year-old Daniel Pohl has anything to do with it. He's already knocked the gaming world's socks off with Quake 3 RT, an experimental version of that first-person shooter using ray-tracing, a technique that computes the paths of light rays, adding extraordinary realism to images.

Now he's taken ray-tracing to the next level using Quake 4. Up until now, the problem with incorporating ray-tracing into real-time gaming has been that typical processors were not fast enough to process all of this data. Pohl says parallel processing on the latest multicore processors along with advanced graphics chips will further accelerate these graphics, bringing us closer to the day when real-time ray-traced games are commonplace. More pics and an ass-kicking movie download:

Ray-Tracing to Revolutionize Gaming Graphics?


Ray-Tracing to Revolutionize Gaming Graphics?


You might want to check out this movie, too. Amazing stuff!

If these pictures are any indication, we're stoked. Couldn't the mighty Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 handle this kind of number-crunching?

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