Sizemodo: Visiontac VGPS-700 Tiny GPS Receiver

Although Visiontac VGPS-700 may be pretty darn small and stylish, it's not quite the world's smallest GPS receiver. That honor belongs to the Navicore, which just barely beats out the Visiontac in a volume competition.

Both GPS receivers use the SiRF Star III chipset, and both connect with Bluetooth to whatever devices you have that support GPS inputs. The Visiontac has 17-20 hours of battery life, and comes in a piano glass finish.

How does this one compare to the Navicore? Make the jump to see the Sizemodo.


Sizemodo: Visiontac VGPS-700 Tiny GPS Receiver


As you can see, the Visiontac comes out to be 23,574 cubic millimeters, and the Navicore is 21,120 cubic millimeters. So close!

Product Page [Visiontac]

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