eStarling Woes: Digital Picture Frame Shipped with Wrong AC Adapter

We continue the saga of our dog-ugly eStarling, where now it appears that the company has shipped us (and thousands of other unfortunate customers) an AC adapter with voltage that's too low for the hapless digital picture frame to communicate more than a few feet via Wi-Fi. Promising to send a suitable replacement in two weeks, meanwhile the company's tech support personnel recommended that we move the eStarling just 1 foot away from our Wi-Fi adapter (installation in our server closet pictured above) in order for it to receive its RSS feeds from Flickr or e-mailed photos.

But wait, there's more to our sordid tale:

So far, we've gotten the eStarling to communicate with a PC, after which it let us enter its special secret code that allows it to communicate with the eStarling website via Wi-Fi. Then, we entered our RSS feed URL from our Flickr site into the form on the eStarling site.


eStarling Woes: Digital Picture Frame Shipped with Wrong AC Adapter


By the way, see that uploading email "addess" in the pic above?. That's where you can send us your finest pics and they might show up on the eStarling someday. No goatses, please.

Anyway, that's as far as we've gotten, because we've already been waiting for nearly an hour for the eStarling to download pictures from our Flickr feed, to no avail thus far. But since this is a continuing saga, there will be more to come. Stay tuned.

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