Happy New Year: Night Shooting Japan with the Canon 30D DSLRNew Years happened in Tokyo a few hours ago. I had a nice dinner with Lisa's family, and then we headed out to a local temple not far from their house in Ebisu. I took along the Canon 30D DSLR, my favorite low light shooter ever, and the 18-85mm f/4.0-5.6 lens with image stabilization. More on the camera after the jump, but let me not forget the point of this message.
All of us at Gizmodo wish you a happy and prosperous 2007, filled with love and gadgets.

Happy New Year: Night Shooting Japan with the Canon 30D DSLR

The Cam: As you can see from the above photo, at 3200 ISO grain is much better than what you'd in other DSLRs. The lens has image stabilizing, true, but what I've noticed is that its slowness takes away some of the charm. So I'd actually prefer the cheapo kit lens, which is faster, over the IS lens, if it weren't for the zoom (55mm vs. 85mm). Crazy, I know. Below, there's a gallery of a few more photos I took haphazardly.


I've pushed the saturation a bit, because I feel like I'm addicted to the Nikon D40's Skittles-like color filter. Accurate? No. Fun? Yes.

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