Seagate's High-Fashion External Hard Drives

Ever-growing Seagate has become the emperor of the hard drive world, and now its external drives sport some fancy new clothes. The company that got rich building unglamorous SCSI drives for server farms has gone high-fashion with Its FreeAgent line of drives sporting "cocoa-black" casings and "molten-amber" lights. The series packs some serious capacity and a few very handy features. The Pro models range from 320 to 750 gigabytes ($230 to $450) and include the option of an external SATA connector that makes the drive as fast as an internal model. All the Pros also come with a six-month, 500-megabyte subscription to Seagate Internet Drive - an online storage service to provide a second backup for critical files.

Seagate's High-Fashion External Hard Drives

The portable Go drives, equipped with USB 2.0 ports, come in 80- and 120-GB paperback book-sized models (at $130 and $180), and shirt pocket-sized Go Small model ($150) that holds 12GB. The Go series drives all have the ability to store applications, allowing you to run them on any computer without having to install them to the local hard disk.


Finally, Seagate introduced the FreeAgent Desktop Data Movers — basic external hard drives ranging from 250 to 500 gigabytes ($130 to $260).