iRobot Launching an Edu-Bot?

iRobot is trying to expand their market beyond just mopping and vacuuming, with the iRobot Create. It's basically just the body of the Scooba without the brushes or cleaning fluid tank. Instead they tacked on some ports so people can mod the system to attach things like reticulating arms.

One insane example of what it's capable of involves the unit, four directional sensors, and a hamster inside a ball. When the Hamster tilts the ball in a certain direction the Create moves that direction. Yes, in just a few easy steps you've created a hamster car.

iRobot has said that they really hope that people will even start creating their own accessories and add ons for the Create. This thing could end up being the Lego Mindstorm of the 21st century if they play their cards right.


See a picture of the hamster mobile after the jump.


iRobot Launching an Edu-Bot?

Build your own bot, courtesy of iRobot []