Dream Machine: Full Body Gaming

The Dream Machine is a not just another gaming chair that has speakers in the headrest, and it isn't one of those zero g sex hammocks either: it's the "world's first multi-modal-physio-interactive game controller". Yeah, that's right. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

In other words, the Dream Machine is a giant PS2/PS3/XBOX360/PC joystick with a chair hanging on for dear life. Vibrating handles hold at least 10 buttons, and you can steer by twisting your hips. I got some hands-on butt-on time with the machine playing an ATV title, and I really enjoyed leaning to control the bike and pressing the peddles for extra control, but was a little taken back that you never actually move the handles.

Look for it late 2007 if Australian Simulation Control Systems gets their act together, at about $1500. Dream Machine: Full Body Gaming