Wild Charge Hands-On: Really Does Charge Wirelessly

We've heard tell of the Wild Charge system that replenishes power in cellphones, PSPs, notebooks and iPods, and now we can confirm: It really works.

We played with the system for a while tonight, putting the special cases on cellphones and attachments on iPods, and then suddenly those devices begin charging as soon as you place them on the metallic strip.

How the heck does this thing work?


It uses non-inductive technology to pass the current from strip to device without all that falderal you usually have to go through to charge it.


Wild Charge Hands-On: Really Does Charge Wirelessly

The company says we'll be seeing the first charging strips for sale in March, and the larger laptop-sized charger will be shipping in June.

This is the real deal, folks—get your $49 ready, and that includes one "enablement case." Additional cases are $10 - $20, depending on the device.