AppleTV: The New iTV

9:26: Steve's just announced that the real name for iTV is actually Apple TV!

9:27: USB2, Ethernet, WiFI, HDMI, Component, Stereo inputs.

9:28: 802.11b/g/n


9:29: You can store 50 hours of videos on its 40GB hard drive. AppleTV can stream up to five computers.


AppleTV: The New iTV

9:31: Streaming theatrical trailers from The quality's actually pretty good at 720p.

9:34: Apple's showing off some Zoolander and Heroes clips from the Apple store.

9:35: By the by, the AppleTV logo is an Apple logo next to "TV".

9:36: Demoing music, photos, slideshows (moving). Which actually seems to have facial recognition like the PS3 slideshow.

9:38: Phil Shiller's brought his MacBook over to stream up an episode of Heroes to the AppleTV.

9:39: $299 for AppleTV.

9:40: Taking orders today, shipping Feb.

9:40: He's talking about SOMETHING NEW! Coming up in a sec...

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