Tornado Survives Gadget Thunderdome

Yahoo Tech hosted its annual Last Gadget Standing competition at CES this morning. Ten gadgets entered, but only one left victorious: Data Drive Thru's USB data transfer cable, The Tornado.

Facing down challengers like the RS Media Robosapien and the Nokia N95, the Tornado wowed an aging media that appeared more interested in last fall's news than anything new CES had to offer. The Jitterbug old person cell phones made an appearance, but weren't simplistic enough to out-do a plug-and-play data transfer cable.

The highlight of the contest? Data Drive Thru's chimpanzee spitting into a microphone, followed by the company rep saying, "That's what we think of the iPhone!" Where are the camcorders when you need them?


Tornado Survives Gadget Thunderdome