CES is so hungover, and all that's left for journalists to do during this tech lull is to sit around and write up their "best of" lists for CES. But since our Frankenreview is about collecting product reviews and sifting through the opinions for consensus, what better to review than the best of what was reviewed at CES 2007?

While Laptop Mag, Popular Science, Shiny Shiny, Infosync, Reg Hardware, Maxim, and Pocket Lint have taken lemons and made lemonade, we are taking lemonade and making...super lemonade. Hit the jump to see the absolute cream of the crop products, the one list to catch you up on all the lists: The Best Of, The Best Of CES 2007.

Media Player
LG Super Multi Blue


Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

"We love the quality of Blu-ray, we love the quality of HD DVD, but we don't want to get involved in a format war and back the wrong one. Seems LG doesn't either with the launch of a dual player." (pocketlint)


Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

Portable Media
Sansa Connect
"This WiFi portable audio player provides streaming Internet radio, as well as WiFi content acquisition in one nicely priced package. In other words, any time you find yourself in a WiFi hotspot, you can download new songs." (maxim)
It's just like a Zune, but useful.

Sharp 108" LCD

I love how succinctly she puts this: "...it's made by Sharp and is the world's largest LCD...as I just said." (shinyshiny )

OQO Model 02

Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

"Roughly the size of two iPods, the OQO 02 could easily be mistaken for a handheld videogame system or even a slightly oversize Blackberry. But don't let it fool you: It's a fully functional, standalone computer capable of running Windows Vista." (popsci)
And it's a lot nicer than this UMPC.


LG VX9400

Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

"Though we've seen swivel screen phones abroad...Verizon's V Cast Mobile TV announcement brought forth the first swivel screen for the US...very light, and surprisingly slim, we expected more bulk from the first generation of true mobile TV phones. The screen swivels to landscape mode and clicks nicely into place, and though it isn't very large, we were happy to see video commandeering the entirety of the screen's real estate." (infosyncworld)
No, we weren't tacky enough to say the iPhone.

iRobot Create

Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

"From the company that brought you the Roomba vacuum cleaner comes a robot designed for students, geeks and other 'bot lovers to create their own programmes. See it in action here fetching beer from the fridge or even being controlled by a hamster. Genius." (reghardware)

iPod Dock
Viewsonic PJ258D

Frankenreview: The Best Of "Best Of CES 2007" Lists

"... sleekly designed and weighs less than four pounds. The docking station connects an iPod video player directly to the projector...also supports other digital media, including S-Video and VGA...has a 1024 x 768 XGA resolution, 2000 lumens of brightness, and a 2000:1 contrast ratio." (LaptopMag)
If you don't think iPod docks deserve their own group, you weren't at the show. And it's among the world's most expensive, ludicrous iPod docks at $999.

And don't miss our own CES 2007 video made by Richard Blakeley. It's worth its 2 minutes in gold.

What were your favorites?