Philips Xenium Clamshell Yaps For a Month

Philips drops another handset in their Xenium 9@9 cellphone line for those people who never remember to charge their phones. Instead of a candybar form factor, however, this Xenium 9x9 is a clamshell with a brushed metal finish and a 262K OLED display, but still has the ability to last up to 30 days on standby.

Other than the extremely long battery life, there's not much else to the phone. There's a 1.3-megapixel camera, 18MB of internal memory, GSM Tri-Band, and a secondary outside OLED display. Great if you just want a phone, but mediocre if you want to do anything beyond calling.

Philips Xenium Clamshell Yaps For a Month



New Philips Xenium 9×9s clamshell. 30 days on stand-by too [UnwiredView]