Click to viewYeah, we know, the commercials were better than the game again this year, even though it was a pretty good Super Bowl for Colts fans at least. There were a lot more HD spots in this year's game compared to last year's, too.

Here are the Gizmodo Super Bowl Spot Awards, where we picked our favorites, giving each one its own special designation. You'll be able to click and play each one of our embedded selections, and don't forget to check out our pick for best commercial of the night:

Funniest Animals: Blockbuster: Mouse

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For some reason, the animals aren't doing it for us that much anymore, but the play on words with a mouse clicking and dragging had us mildly chuckling.


Dumbass Award: FedEx - Office on the Moon

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Guys, there is 1/6-G on the moon, not complete weightlessness. Yeah, the commercial was mildly funny but, comedy has to be based at least somewhat on reality, doesn't it? Dopes. FedEx made up for this goofiness later.

Best Shot of the Night: CBS cameraman gets drenched


Not a commercial, but the purple heart has to go to this intrepid CBS cameraman with his drenched Steadicam.

Not That There's Anything Wrong with That Award: Snickers: Kiss

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Two tough-guy greasemonkeys have a Brokeback moment where they just can't resist chowing down on a Snickers bar. We could feel their pain when they ripped off those chest hairs. Ouch.

Gamers Favorite Award: Coke: Grand Theft Auto

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Damned if this didn't look exactly like Grand Theft Auto. It was looking super-sharp in HD, too. Nice work, Coke.

Robot Overlord Award: GM Robot

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We, for one, would not welcome a robot overlord as suicidal as this one. Even though we've already seen this spot, it mildly entertained us just the same.

Best Dick Joke: Sprint: Connectile Dysfunction

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Sprint does have nice fast EV-DO connectivity, so we'll forgive them for this slight humor, equating boners with connecting up in the airport.

Living Life to the Fullest Award: Coke: "What else haven't I done?"

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Poor guy. Never tasted a Coke before? What else hasn't he done ? Rock 'n roll, dude. Run with the bulls. Maybe this old codger should have stripped naked and run out on the field during halftime.

Best Animation Voices: Taco Bell: Lions

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These two lions just seemed real to us, looking over the campers and trying to talk like Ricardo Montalban. Roll those Rs? No, still no.

Subtle Humor Award: Emerald Mixed Nuts: Robert Goulet

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Many of us don't even know who Robert Goulet is; one kid back in the back said he looked like Hitler. But afternoons around three o'clock, sometimes we also have had our suspicions that Robert Goulet comes in and messes with our stuff. Maybe we should get some of these mixed nuts.

Funniest: FedEx Ground: Don't Judge

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We're thinking that Harry, Bob, Joy, and Harry, and especially Mr. Turkey Neck, are aptly named.

Weirdest Award: Budweiser: Beer-Stealing Crabs

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These crabs, looking like they've already been boiled and ready-to-eat, bow and worship a cooler full of Budweiser. Odd.

Best Editing: Izod: Phillips-Van Heusen

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Techies at Autodesk gave us a sneak peek, showing us how this spot was edited using a high-end Autodesk Flame (formerly Discreet Flame) video and digital film compositing system. There is extraordinary subtlety in the spot, great use of music, speed effects, excellent color correction. It's a masterpiece of sleight-of-hand editing, much of which you can't even tell was done at all. It's magic.

Best Cinematography: Etrade: One Finger

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This is about as good as shooting for high-end commercials gets, where every take in the spot was well-planned and perfectly executed. Plus, we especially like the way the cinematography was done with a wry sense of humor. It was effective as an advertisement, too. Who wouldn't like the idea of telling some expensive broker who uses a dartboard to pick your stocks where to go? All it takes is one finger.

Best Spot Overall: Coke: Happiness Factory

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This spot is nothing new, but even so, it was the best spot on the entire Super Bowl slate. If we were going to spend $2.5 million to buy ad space on the Super Bowl, it would be to air a spot like this. We follow a coin into a Coke machine, and then a wild fantasy takes place, where we see the Coke being manufactured with love and kisses, gussied up into its bottle and then paraded out the other side. It's a gorgeous ad that wins our award as best Super Bowl spot overall this year.