Intel Builds 80-Core, 1-Trillion Calcs Per Second Prototype Chip

The NY Times, Businessweek, the AP, and others are crowing over the powerful new chips Intel demoed in an hotel room last week.

What's cool:
Performing 1 Trillion calcs per second, the chip could do the same number crunching that 10 years ago took up 2,000 square feet of machinery to do. Instead of the half-megawatt of juice, it could take as little as 62 watts. The chips has 80 cores.

What sucks?:
Five years, at least, til these are available. No x86 architecture version yet, even in prototype. And optimizing programs that to take advantage of eighty cores is still a very hard thing to do. Multiple core processing is still best for mass rote operations like those involving math and video.

The bottom line: Congrats on the teraflop chip, Intel, but wake us up when this baby is for sale. The Verdict: Vaporous CPU, solid PR move by Intel.

Intel's Teraflop Chips [NYTimes and Businessweek]