Somebody's finally decided to improve the design of the lowly radiator. Designboom held a contest called "The Radical Radiators of the Future," and the winner was Archibald, a "servant radiator" that not only warms up the room, it warms up your clothes as well. The runners-up are just as good, maybe better:

Radical Radiators of the Future

One of six honorable mentions was Fedora, a eurostyle update to the pedestrian radiator complete with place to park your feet, warm up a cup of tea or can even be a perfect napping spot for lazy kitty.


Radical Radiators of the Future

Another honorable mention was called Looop, turning radiator into wall art.


Radical Radiators of the Future

Our favorite entry was Octocube, a configuration that might easily pass as a Borg tactical cube. You might even be able to hang it up by its hoses running into the bottom, and it appears that its brain-like radiator tubes are arranged for maximum surface area.

Too bad they couldn't all be winners. Don't miss dozens more equally innovative radiator designs at Designboom.

The Radical Radiators of the Future Competition Results [Designboom, via boing boing]