Canon 3-Chip HV50 HDV Camcorder: A Fake?

Is this the upcoming HD50 camcorder from Canon? This pic just surfaced, and the controversy begins. Here we have it compared to its HV20 "predecessor," which itself hasn't even been released yet. This alleged HV50 has three CMOS sensors and optical image stabilization along with 1080i, 720p and 24p compatibility and it's also said to have 5-megapixel still image capability.

We have a much larger version of this shot, and we can point out one major problem with it immediately. Take a look at that after the jump along with the camera in its context of the so-called Japanese ad:

Canon 3-Chip HV50 HDV Camcorder: A Fake?


Although there's no marking on the camera indicating 1080p, we're also told the accompanying text mentions 1080p, which is not part of the HDV spec. Hmm.

Canon 3-Chip HV50 HDV Camcorder: A Fake?

One inconsistency you can plainly see is on the lens, where it's labeled "18x zoom 6.1 - 61mm." Let's do the math: 6.1 x 10 = 61, so that would be a 10x zoom, wouldn't it, which happens to be the same lens of the HV20?

We call bullshit. Nice Photoshop job.

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