Another Wednesday, another korean duderina holding a slider phone with another scroll-wheel and yet another oh-so-boring-already-will-it-ever-stop iPod look. However, in addition to the usual MP3 player and the usual 1.3 megapixel camera and the usual voice recorder, this Sky IM-S200K has something different: its scroll-wheel is electro-luminescent. And in the middle of it is some kind of "OK Magic" button, which probably summons demons from a secret inter-dimensional time-space continuum that will take your SMS and deliver it to people in other galaxies. Or make a white rabbit appear or something. We will never know, because even while this nice phone costs $430, we will probably never see it outside Korea. You can, however, see a couple more pics right after the jump.

IM-S200K, the latest KTF Sky phone [Akihabara]

It's Magic!

Is it just me or those phone surfaces have been pasted straight away in Photoshop?