Rumor: 17-Inch iMac Going Bye-Bye, 20- and 24-Inchers Getting Sexified

Citing the ever mysterious "people familiar with the matter" Apple Insider is reporting that the iMac form factor is being refreshed for the first time in almost three years, and will be "slimmer and sleeker" than the current lineup.

The bomb, however, is that only the widescreen 20- and 24-inch models will benefit, with the 17-inch model slotted for a slow phaseout, possibly reserved only for educational outlets.

Going "solely on conjecture," Apple Insider estimates the new models could drop in May, along with Leopard. So what's it going to be besides thinner? Black? Brushed metal (my personal hope)? Take your pick, along with your favorite flavor of salt.

Apple's next-generation iMacs to add a touch of grace [Apple Insider]