There's a hybrid hoedown happening, with innovative ideas for efficient vehicles zipping around left and right, but this XR-3 Hybrid is different: It might actually find its way to the reality-based world as soon as two months from now. This diesel/electric hybrid is an odd-looking three-wheeler with a 40-mile range when it's running on just electricity, and an outlandish 225 miles per gallon when in hybrid mode.

Who cares if it's a bit unusual-looking, we like its clamshell canopy and Back to the Future design. It's smart, too, with its two front wheels powered by that internal combustion engine, while that rear wheel is powered by an electric motor, which is designed to be used exclusively on short trips. But there's a catch.

You won't be able to buy one of these at your local car dealer. Designed as a plans-built vehicle, the company says body and chassis kits will be available after the plans are released, in May.



Pricing hasn't been set, but you'll have to be a fairly skilled craftsman to build one of these babies. Not to worry, though—if it actually performs as advertised, there will probably be plenty of willing and able car builders stepping in, offering to build you one for the right price.

Designer's Page [Robert Q. Riley, via Treehugger]