Octo-Core Mac Pro—Apple finally released the 8-core tower that we all knew was coming.

Cinema Displays Get Price Cut—Now you can get one for as low as $599 (Or $549 if you're a student/teacher).

Samsung SpinPoint HDD—Sitting next to my loud-as-hell external hdd, the idea of a near-silent 7,200-rpm drive sounds pretty nice right about now.

EVDO Capping—Verizon admitted that they've been limiting their users to 5GB of data/month. So much for unlimited use.

Hybrid School Bus—How does a 100% increase in school bus gas mileage sound?

But wait, that was only five, jump for the rest. Jump I say!



Redwood PC Case—Who says that computers can't have old-world charm?

Beer Pager—Do you regularly lose your beer at parties ? This gadget is one-part beer cozy & one-part location pager.

MS No Likey Motion Sensing—Surprise, surprise—the one game console that doesn't have any motion-sensing controllers thinks it sucks.

SonyErricson W880: TrackID—Check out this video of the W880 kicking ass at Name That Tune.

Niklas Roy Interview—We have one hell of an in-depth interview with artist Niklas Roy (He's the guy who made the physical Pong game).