XM Offering Two-Days Credit for Downtime

After all of the downtime shenanigans, XM is making it worth your wild, your 87 wild cents. All you have to do is call up their customer care number (800-967-2346), complain and XM will credit you with two days' worth of service, which equals 87 cents. More after the break (including a sweet video).

Commenter elvindeath does bring up an interesting inquiry in this post— since Opie and Anthony were suspended for 30 days, does the two-day outage mean that they will have to go two more days suspended? I assume not, but I could see those XM assholes pulling a move like that.

By the way, people are still smashing the hell out of their receivers because of the O&A shenanigans.


XM offering two-days credit for downtime [Orbitcast]