Panasonic's Pixi Phone Dock Automatically Sends Your Pictures to Mixi

When we're sending naked pictures of ourselves to people we've never met, we want the process to go as quick as possible. Industrial Facility and luckybite — two UK Design firms — know that, and have teamed up with Madori Kuroda, Panasonic Japan's Chief mobile device designer, to create a prototype phone dock called the Panasonic Pixi.

The Pixi, designed for the Mixi — Japan's MySpace equivalent — has six buttons that will use your phone's LCD screen, existing photos and internet connection to send your pictures directly to a diary, community, or pedophile on Mixi. There's no pricing or information about the gadget's release just yet — in fact, the only thing we can be sure about is that it's going to look like a toy you'd find in a cereal box in the 80's.