That's it folks. The submission deadline has passed on our contest and the crackpot team of editors have sorted through all of the entries and selected some of the best ones. The finalists will go head-to-head in a no-holds-barred showdown, voting style.

Remember, the winner will receive a 60GB video iPod courtesy of the SCI FI channel and their new show, Eureka that happens to premier tonite—check your local listings for time. Voting will end Thursday, July 20 at noon eastern. Now, hit the jump to see the entries and cast your vote.


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Chameleon Necktie

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The first is called the 1Key, a shape-shifting pocket sized device that will open any lock you have access to, by assuming the shape of the key you own.

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DOC is a complete medical system, using your body's own systems to operate. It works by using your body nervous system, to interpret pain signals, identify the source, inform you, and treat the symptoms and permitting the source. Should DOC detect a serious medical condition, it will immediately contact medical authorities and using its built in GPS send them your exact location.

Because of DOC's unique system, it also eliminates nearly all pain and monitors your body main systems (such as heartbeat, blood pressure, body fat levels, etc...) and stores them on its internal memory. Take a look at the attached images to get a better idea of DOC's potential.

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Sometimes, you're in a public restroom, and there's no partition between the urinals. This can be a little disconcerting if you're standing next to someone with a bit of a wandering eye. The Securi-pee aims to provide a little comfort and reduce "performance anxiety" while using these open stalls. Essentially, it's a couple of telescoping antennas with little curtains on them that fasten onto your belt. The curtains can be made from different materials for style or economy: vinyl provides a shower curtain-like splash guard, while red velvet gives an air of elegance (although they are admittedly less sanitary). The curtains could also be printed on, perhaps with advertisements, or with slogans such as "What do you think you're looking at?!" They'll be available in two sizes,

"Small" and "Large".

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