Newertech's iPhone Speaker Dock Lets You Rock, Talk, Own Accessories That Don't Match Your iPhone

Newertech's iPhone Speaker Dock allows you to rock out in between calls, and will further function as a loudspeaker when a call is received or made. The flexible microphone means you will be able to comfortably speak at a distance, with limited loss in calling quality. As if that was not enough, the iPhone Speaker Dock will also charge your iPhone whilst it pumps out your tunes. At $34.99, it doesn't matter if it's black or white; it's a steal whatever the color. As well as the dock, Newertech shall be introducing other iPhone specific peripherals.

A headphone jack extender ($7.99), a microphone extender cable ($14.99), an auto charger ($12.99), and a handsfree headset ($19.99.) The handsfree headset is a welcome addition, as the options for suitable alternatives are somewhat limited at present. [Product Page via Chip Chick]