We are fans of huge LEGO things, from airplanes to ships to spacecrafts, but this colossal version of the legendary Legoland Yellow Castle—for some one of the best LEGO sets in history, including Joel—has to be the most amazing giant concepts we have seen so far. It may look small, but hit the jump to grasp the gargantuan dimensions of this 6:1-scale model, with each original scaled piece made of dozens of regular bricks.

As the always fascinating Brothers Brick point out, this fan set—built at the Brickish Association annual general meeting in Sheffield, UK—is in a 6:1 scale, which means that it is 216 times bigger than the original Legoland Yellow Castle, released in 1978.

If you zoom in the pics you will see the size of those bricks and studs, which in reality are made with other LEGO bricks, reproducing exactly every original piece from the original set.

[Flickr and Flickr via The Brothers Brick]