Old, Beaten PowerBook Reborn as Shiny, New Desktop

If your otherwise perfectly functional PowerBook has fallen apart from rough handling, many would either pay big bucks for a new screen or just replace the computer outright. But one modder had a better idea: gut the components to create a sleek desktop system.

The case is essentially just two large pieces of white acrylic separated by chrome spacers that are reminiscent of Mac Pro grating. Fun factoid: the acrylic is actually just recycled shower wall.

Old, Beaten PowerBook Reborn as Shiny, New Desktop


Apparently the most difficult proposition was mounting the motherboard with all of the drives attached. The modder explains:

The tolerances inside the slim drive are so tight, even the slightest deformation of the case will have a detrimental effect (i.e. I broke one!).

On the upside, since the system retains the PowerBook's original battery, it has a natural built-in UPS.

Pretty great idea. Excellent execution. [macmod via technabob]