For those of you just crawling to your computers, here's what's been going on this very busy AM:
• First, the App Store opened its doors on iTunes 7.7 (available for download), and we did the first video walkthrough of the App Store featured on some early iPhone 2.0 firmware.
• MobileMe, the service that replaces .Mac, suddenly went live, and then suddenly went dead again. Fortunately, we were in long enough to post the first live screenshots.
• The free 2.0 firmware update for iPhone leaked out, so now anyone with an iPhone can download it—iPod touch owners still have till it's for sale, though. ($9.95, last we checked.)
• Sales of actual iPhone 3Gs began amid the hullabaloo—some dipwad named Jonny won this year's Greg Packer award.
• In our morning-long comb through the over 500 apps in the App store, we've found some interesting little gems, and shot the first video of the iTunes Wi-Fi remote for iPhones.