Luxeed is Rainbow LED Keyboard for Hippies, Those Who Can't Afford an Optimus We first showed you the rainbow-illuminated Luxeed LED keyboard a year and a half ago, but then it was in Korean letter-style versions. Now it's got plain old Western characters and is on sale in the US. It's not quite in the same league as the legendary Optimus Maximus , sure, but with 430 LEDs embedded inside—each fully controllable with some custom software—it actually sounds pretty impressive. Check out the video: it's psychedelic, man. Or, at least, vaguely sci-fi looking anyway. The software is Windows-only, sadly, and the keyboard comes without a standard numeric keypad. That'll cost you an extra $35, and it doesn't light up. But with the main keyboard costing just $200, it's one eighth the price of Art Lebedev's funky keyboard offering. Available in black or white, with the white model having translucent keys. [ThinkGeek via Technabob ]