Android Rumors Rounded-Up Before Launch Over at TmoNews they've gathered together as much leaked info as they know about the Android-powered HTC G1/Dream in one place, and it makes for interesting reading ahead of the launch event . The phone's apparently due on sale "in all stores within 3G boundary area, regardless of whether or not store is in a 3G dead spot" and some stores near 3G zones since customers might have traveled from their home in a 3G reception area to a store outside it. Other stores'll have just a demo unit. Doesn't that make it sound like it'll only go on sale in 3G-capable areas? The full list of leaks and rumors is below.• One-click Google search and easy access to all Google Applications - Quick and easy access to the Internet in one click. • One touch access to Google applications: Maps (including satellite, traffic and street views) Gmail YouTube Calendar Google Talk • Size: 4.6 x 2.16 x 0.63 inches • Weight: 5.6 ounces • Display: 65K color screen, HVGA (480×320) 4.6 inches • Talk Time: 5 hours • Standby Time: 130 hours • Expandable up to 8 GB memory • No stereo bluetooth • Gmail account required to sign in and use, no corporate access email available • Required data plan associated with this device; it will not work without the data plan active • No prepay. • GPS is confirmed. • No video capture. • 3.1 mp camera. Time will tell exactly how accurate these "confirmed" facts are. Over to you in the comments, chaps: does that make you want the phone more or less? It certainly seems a tempting prospect to me. [TmoNews ]