Sony Might Lose Money This Year If as Sony goes, so goes the rest of the consumer electronics industry, it's totally screwed. They've just issued a grimtastic revision of their earnings forecast: Yearly profit outlook slashed by 38 percent from its July forecast of $2.4 billion to just $1.5 billion, and one Tokyo analyst says that "this is just the beginning of a big earnings collapse," in which Sony stands a "good chance" of losing money this year. Part of their crappy outlook is thanks to a stronger yen, which makes exports more expensive, and its equity investments, but obviously the hard blow is coming from worse-than-expected sales of LCDs, digital cameras and video cams . Samsung and LG might fare better, but we're looking forward to Microsoft's earnings report today, since it might better indicate the health of the industry than Apple's . [Forbes , Image: Shaggy6Six6/Flickr ]