Sennheiser's Fancy HD Cans Hit $100, Ride Spinnaz

A lot of Audiophiles, and more often just beat junkies, swear by Senn's headphones. Their product line, though, is a little light in the middle, where most people actually shop. Hence the HD 4x8 series, which graciously starts at $100.

There've been cheaper HD-branded models for years, and they've generally been pretty great. The $100 price point, though, marks sort of a golden zone for headphones and earbuds—it's the most a lot of people are willing to spend, and where the hardware starts to really shine. The HD 428, 438 (pictured above) and 448 sit in this $30 sweet spot, and fall somewhere between portable headphones and giant home stereo alien ear bulbs in terms of size.

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The main differences between the headphones are sound signature—the cheaper 428 is bassier, while the 428 and 448 go for a more natural mix—and style—the 428 has a subdued cross pattern, the 448 a subtle brushed aluminum look, and the 438 has, er, hubcaps "reminiscent of the alloy wheels on luxury sports cars," by which Sennheiser presumably means 1984 Honda CRXes. Which is fine! [Sennheiser]