LG's 15-inch OLED Has Dazzling Screen, Beauteous Case

Have you seen Sony's 11-inch OLED TV in person? The screen is fine and everything, but its design is awkward—as if vomited up by an engineer and never reassessed. LG's 15-inch OLED, however, is at least trying.

The design is both clever and functional, with the display's ports tucked behind the monitor in some sort of cross between a folded piece of paper and a photo frame. In turn, the necessarily hardware becomes its own stand, and the display can tilt, too (not that the viewing angle on most OLEDs is necessarily lacking).

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LG's premium OLED will be released in Korea this November. And don't be surprised if/when you see a $2000+ pricetag on the thing. [Flickr via OLED Info and Engadget]