It is probably the highest resolution interactive display outside of the military: Obscura Digital's newest, longest multitouch wall, revealed this weekend at the Hard Rock in Vegas, uses three projectors to handle 100 hi-res images and videos simultaneously in realtime.

This isn't the first Obscura Digital creation to catch our eye. We've seen 3D multitouch holograms, crazy building projections and an 8-by-4-foot Missile Command-playing multitouch wall.

The new 18-foot long wall scales across GPUs seamlessly, and automatically splits the workspace for up to 6 users to flick through Hard Rock photo and video memorabilia, with image resolution upwards of 12 megapixels.



Complementing the video tech, an audio system creates a pinpointed local audio experience, so that each user can interact with content without interfering with others.

Man, Microsoft Surface, eat your heart out. [Obscura Digital Blog]