You know it's a brave new world when bride and groom update their Facebook status, and tweet about it. At the freaking altar. As they were being pronounced husband and wife. And with "brave" I really mean "f*cking dumb."

Husband and Wife Update Facebook and Twitter at the Altar

That's what Dana Hanna—the guy in the video aka "theSoftwareJedi" aka "Ican'tbelieveit'sbutterandI'mgettingmarried"—did, without his bride knowing anything about it. The worse thing: The wife asked for her cellphone to update hers. Maybe she tweeted "Sigh. This is not going to last long."


It's like the world has transformed into a huge sitcom. One produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by McG, and written by two thousand monkeys. Oh well, my best wishes go for the couple. I hope you guys don't divorce too soon. [Techcrunch]