South Korea Plans Giant Eco Dome

The Ecorium Project, South Korea's planned nature reserve, is a stunner. The 33,000 sq. meter park includes a wetland reserve, a wild plant area, and maybe—just maybe—two dudes and their hilarious hijinks.

The structure will comprise a series of connected domes, each of which contains its own greenhouse.

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Sponsored by the National Ecological Institute of South Korea and designed by Samoo, the Ecorium Project is going to be as much an educational center as it is a preserve. It'll also be energy-efficient itself, with each greenhouse being capable of detecting external climate conditions and making the appropriate adjustments inside. The exterior will be made of metal panels, low-iron and low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglass.

While there's no word on when it will be completed—or started, for that matter—it's great to see a project like this moving past the concept phase and into development. [World Architecture News via Inhabitat]