40-Display Home Office or Secret Missile Launching Facility

While this is still my favorite computer rig and Gizmodo's readers setups are still very impressive, I have to admit that Lifehacker's reader Steve Price is only second to this other computer rig on space. The specs make me dizzy.

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The whole setup is composed by 40 24" panoramic monitors, driven by six computers with Intel Core i7 975, 24GB of memory, two SLC Solid State Drives in a RAID 0 configuration, and a whole bunch of Nvidia NVS 420s and Nvidia 9800 GTs cards. Each computer drives a different number of displays, sitting on a small hidden room with a dedicated air conditioning unit.

According to Steve, he uses this setup for "intraday trading and development". Hooookay. [Flickr via Lifehacker]