Panasonic is going to be rolling out production of Li-ion batteries that use a silicon alloy anode soon, according to Nikkei. The result? A whopping 30% increase in capacity. Panasonic's not the only company working on the technology, but they're the first to yield any kind of spec detail.

Panasonic's New Silicon Battery Technology Could Yield 30% Capacity Improvement

The Si-alloy batteries are expected to retain at least 80% capacity even after 500 charge/recharge cycles, and will be available commercially starting in 2012. The first target: notebooks, although the bigger fish appears to be vehicles. Don't get to excited about the impact on electric cars, though: given the additional weight associated with Si-alloys, it'll be some time before we see one of these bad boys in a Volt. [Nikkei via Engadget]