RISK Invades the iPhone, But Asia Still Unconquerable

The iPhone has been out for a while now, so the biggest RISK fans have most probably sought out generic versions of the game. But for those who haven't, EA has just released an ultra official RISK: The Official Game.

So the bad news is this: It's not a universal app, so there's no iPad version bundled in the package.

RISK Invades the iPhone, But Asia Still Unconquerable


However, those playing on the iPhone and iPod touch will have access to some interesting multiplayer options. Up to 6 players can share one handset to multiplay their way through a game, or up to 4 can join one another over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

But the one, missing feature I'd like to see is online play. No, I don't want to connect to anyone in realtime over the internet, but a slower-paced, push-notification-based style of play could be perfect for killing time through the day—like Warfish, just on my phone.

RISK: The Official Game is available now for $5. [Risk App via Joystiq]