Living In These Lofts Is Like Living In A McDonald's Playground

I'm sure when I was younger I wanted to live in a McDonald's playground forever. Now, thanks to the imaginative Japanese, I can. These Reversible Destiny Lofts in Tokyo are basically an adult-sized playground masked as housing solutions.

The lofts have bumpy floors, uneven levels, small door openings, crawl spaces, cramped kitchens, ceiling outlets, and a whole ton of wonky amenities. Take a tour inside the lofts to see:

The idea is that by living in such a unique and different space, it'll keep the residents nimble and their minds fresh. Those who want to tend to old fragile bones and stay comfortable need not apply.

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I'd think these Reversible Destiny Lofts, designed by Arakawa & Gins, would make for a good vacation experience but as a permanent home? Not so sure. [Pink Tentacle via Inhabitat]