The Nintendo Famicom All Pulled Apart

Before there was the NES, there was the Nintendo Family Computer AKA Famicom, an early version of the ultra-popular console sold in Asian markets starting in 1983. So, wanna see what the guts of a video game revolution look like?

These shots from iFixit and Wired show the inside of what Wired deems "the spiritual home of Mario." How can you hate that.

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And if you're curious about the chips on that board:

Ricoh RP2A03G 8-bit, 1.79 MHz CPU
Ricoh RP2C02G-0 8-bit, 5.32 MHz PPU
Toshiba TC40H368P hex bus buffers
Sharp LH5216D-12 static RAM
Hitachi HD74LS139P decoder/demultiplexer
Fujitsu MB74LS373

Lotta big names in Mario's spiritual home, those are. Check out Wired and iFixit for more vintage Famicom porn. [Wired]