The Best Gadgets of the Year (So Far)

Technology's about a lot more than buying stuff—but let's be honest, we all love our gadgets. So we're here to help you find the best of the best—laptops, cameras, phones, and a lot more.

We know you don't want to blow that paycheck on merely the shiniest, or the the simply newest. So we've considered a balance of price, features, reliability—and above all, quality—to make sure you're choosing a gadget that isn't just great, but one that's sensible. We've updated our roster of Giz-approved gadgets, and below, you'll find these picks—the best tech tools 2010 has to offer.


The Best Gadgets of the Year (So Far)


We can geek out all we want, but the best way to choose is a phone is not just by the hardware or the OS, but the phone and the carrier. Here's the smartphone to pick on each...for now.

AT&TApple iPhone 4

SprintHTC Evo



VerizonHTC Incredible


The Best Gadgets of the Year (So Far)

Laptop: 15-inch i7 MacBook Pro, high rez matte screen, or if you go PC, the Toshiba Portégé R700 ...a 3lb Core i5

Netbook: This market is commoditized, just buy something on this list or an iPad.

Ultraportable: MacBook Air 11-inch

3D Laptop: Asus' G51Jx 3DE beat out the competition, and has a built-in IR emitter.

Processors: Decide your budget, THEN pick a processor from this list.

Desktop Graphics Cards: Anything based on the ATI HD 5970 chipset will be FAAAST, otherwise, decide your budget, THEN pick the card from this list.

Mobile Graphics: Anything with Nvidia's GeForce 400M series will have serious gaming muscle

Router: The Netgear RangeMax V1 emerged victorious from the Ultimate Router Battle

SSD: Kingston's SNV425-S2 64GB drive stood out by delivering blazing performance on the (relative) cheap.


The Best Gadgets of the Year (So Far)

Tablet: Apple iPad

eReader: Amazon Kindle DX

Android Tablet: Barnes & Noble Nook Color


The Best Gadgets of the Year (So Far)

Budget dSLR: Canon T2i

Midrange dSLR: Canon 7D

'Spensive dSLR: Nikon D3s

Point and Shoot: Canon S95 or Canon SD4000...check prices.

Pocket Camcorder: Flip Ultra HD, but only if you don't already have an iPhone 4. Otherwise, your smartphone's capturing better video than Flip's dedicated device—give your pockets some extra space.

Phone Camera: iPhone 4

Waterproof Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2

Helmet/Sports Camera: GoPro Hero HD and ContourHD Surfboard Mount

Home Theater

The Best Gadgets of the Year (So Far)

3DTV: Panasonic'sTC-P50VT20 topped the pile in our three-way shootout.

Blu-ray Player: LG BD570 or PS3

Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1020-K

Game Console/Media Extender: Xbox 360

Speakers: High quality sound doesn't need to cost a fortune—turns out there's a lot of great audio gear out there for less than $2,000. Audioengine's A5 speakers are $350 a pair, but pack serious sonic punch—and they're self-powered. Check out the rest of the roundup if you're looking to splurge a little more.