A Cheetah-Inspired Robo-Beast and a Headless Terminator

Remember Boston Dynamics, the company responsible for the oh-so-creepy BigDog robot? Well they're still at it, except now they're working on a cheetah-like robot (called Cheetah) that can chase us down like prey, and a humanoid, bipedal robot that looks like the Terminator crossed with the Headless Horseman.

According to Wired's Danger Room blog, Cheetah will run "faster than the fastest human," thanks to a flexible spine, articulated head and (possible) tail. It will also be agile enough to zig-zag and "stop on a dime." Boston dynamics sees Cheetah being used by militaries in field situations, as well as in emergency response scenarios.

A Cheetah-Inspired Robo-Beast and a Headless TerminatorS

As for Atlas, the acephalous wonder is an evolution of Boston Dynamics' previous Petman robot. When complete, it will have the ability to walk using a heel-toe stride at 3.2 MPH. It will also be able to crawl and maneuver sideways to slip through tight spaces. [Danger Room]