The iPad 2 is coming. We told you what's likely to happen when Tim Cook takes the stage to show off the next-generation iPad. Today, at 1 PM EST, you can see it unveiled live, right here on, as we provide meta liveblog coverage of the ceremonies. [Gizmodo Live]

iPad 2 Meta Liveblog TodayWhat To Expect at Today's Apple Event

Apple's made it obvious that new iPads will materialize, in expectedly grand fashion, today, March 2nd. So what do we know about the Second Coming—and what else might pop up at Apple's shindig? More »

iPad 2 Meta Liveblog TodayCould This Really Be the iPad 2?

Dawn of the iPad 2 event it may be, but that hasn't stopped the whisper-factory from churning out a few more ragged guesses. First up is a plethora of mock-up photos of the iPad 2 from a Chinese site. They seem to match the other render we saw earlier this week, with tapered edges and a speaker grill down the bottom-left? More »

iPad 2 Meta Liveblog TodayThe Internet Is Watching Charlie Sheen Implode

If you haven't been in a deep coma for the past 48 hours, you're probably aware of this Charlie Sheen fellow. He's been saying the darndest things! He's (coked?) out of his mind! And we're all watching it live online. More »