Water Slide Gallery

Amusement Park, Taiwan
Somehow, this achieves the effect of tilt shift without it being so.

Water Slide GallerySAtlantis Resort, Bahamas
90 feet, straight down.
Water Slide GallerySBackyard waterslide simulator
Water Slide GallerySBig drop, Oakwood Lake - Manteca, CA
Water Slide Gallery Down the drain, Calypso Park, Ontario
Water Slide GalleryGleneig, Adelaide, Australia
Water Slide GallerySGreat Wolf Lodge
Water Slide GalleryLeo Lafleur, Kingston Ontario
Water Slide GallerySThe Insano, Beach Park, Brazil
Water Slide GalleryThe Tornado, Six Flags America
Water Slide GalleryVienna, Austria
Water Slide GalleryWater slide in the Grecht waterway, Holland
Something surreal about this, like a post modern Dutch landscape painting.