You know that Father's Day is coming up. But if you're anything like me, "June 19th" still sounds distant enough that you haven't gotten off your ass to actually buy a gift. It's not too late. (But it almost is!) Here's a list of places that should have presents your dad won't hate, and that will still deliver by Father's Day. Beats having your mom wrap something for you:

Omaha Steaks
Steaks are the staple of every dad's culinary repertoire, and there's no better gift than a delicious hunk of beef on a summer day. Just don't ask him to cook them for you on Father's Day, you ungrateful little snots.

Free Shipping: No
Last Day to Order: 6/15
Sample Gift: The Dad Pack - $50

Murray's Cheese
Every time my dad is in the mall, he stops at the meat and cheese stand. Every single time. It's like old age and manhood make the draw of kielbasa and cheddar (even more) irresistible. But if you're going to get your dad a giant box of meat and cheese, wouldn't you rather get it delivered from New York's finest cheesemonger instead of dealing with those nightmarish mall stand workers?


Free Shipping: No
Last Day to Order: 6/15
Sample Gift: Big Daddy Bacon Tasting - $40

Dick's Sporting Goods
One of the world's few certainties is that your father doesn't give a single damn how he dresses. Which must be kind of liberating! He totally doesn't care how preposterous he looks in his basketball shorts from 1967 or the sweatpants that fit him perfectly in high school, but that doesn't mean you should let him go out into the world like that! Get him some athletic gear that's from the right era—and just as important, in the right size.

Free Shipping: Over $99
Last Day to Order: 6/15
Sample Gift: Pro Line 3.5mm Neoprene Chest Waders - $110

Hammacher Schlemmer
Like many others, my dad is not a man of proper nouns. Model numbers and specs don't mean much to him: a 55-inch Samsung LED is only ever going to be "the TV," so it's kind of pointless to chase after brands with him. So while product names like "The iPhone Wireless Speaker" might make you or me cringe, they land Hammacher Schlemmer right in his wheelhouse.


Free Shipping: No
Last Day to Order: 6/15
Sample Gift: The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler - $70

Home Depot
Let's be honest: when something breaks in your house, you probably call your dad to fix it—or wait until the next time he comes to visit to have him "take a look at it." And that's fine, but if you're going to ask for that much help, the least you can do is keep him well-supplied. Just make sure it's something he'll use for himself, too, or you're basically buying your mom a vacuum cleaner for mother's day.


Free Shipping: Over $250
Last Day to Order: 6/15
Sample Gift: Little Giant Ladder Systems - $250

Is Lowe's similar to Home Depot? Sure it is. But that doesn't stop our fathers from spending an hour and a half in both, and then stopping by a few local stores on the way home, just in case they have a special order in. Look, I don't get it either, but our dads put up with the 45 minutes it takes us to decide on HDMI cables, so I think they deserve some understanding on this one.

Free Shipping: Over $50
Last Day to Order: 6/15
Sample Gift: DEWALT 4-Tool 18-Volt Cordless Combo Kit - $300

Barnes and Noble
Our parents' generation isn't exactly bursting with early adopters, but it probably should be. Readers like the Nook are amazing devices, but a lot of the features, like increased font size, are way more useful for our parents than they might be for us. Even if dad's not super excited about the idea of digital books (or digital anything), get him to give it a try—without the smug "father son knows best" jokes.


Free Shipping: Free Expedited for Nook
Last Day to Order: 6/16 3:59PM EST
Sample Gift: Nook Simple Touch - $139

Amazon might not be the most intimate place to shop for gifts, but if you completely screw this up and haven't gotten something by Friday, there's no better bet for saving your ass. Plus, if you go with something that's an Amazon exclusive—looking at you, Kindle—you can totally play it off like that was the plan all along. Just don't be a cheapass and get your dad the ad-powered version.


Free Shipping: Yes
Last Day to Order: Kindle deadline 6/15; select other items 6/16 5:59PM EST
Sample Gift: Kindle WiFi - $139

Image credit Shutterstock; Thanks Meredith!