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Joe Brown

Glorious Leader Joe Brown is a man of action; a man of character; and he will suffer no fools. He can repair your car, hang with some of the best chefs in the world, and recite Homeric verse from memory—in Greek. Basically, he's a bigger, smarter badass than you.

Matt Buchanan
Deputy Editor

Matt's the Grand Poobah of phones, cameras, and pretty much anything edible. He's been at Giz for what seems like forever, and his knowledge base is kind of scary, frankly. He also works harder than anyone you know, which is why it's become a time-honored Giz tradition to have someone dedicated to making sure he's up and chugging down his amazing home-brewed coffee in the morning.

Brian Barrett
Senior Editor

Unofficially our Birmingham, Alabama, Bureau Chief, Brian makes sure we aren't just posting about puppies, booze, and poop jokes all day. He has a gentle touch, but I have it on good authority that he once killed a man over an absent Oxford comma.

Jesus Diaz
Senior Contributing Editor and Art Director

There's no bigger NASA fanboy in all the land than Jesus Diaz. The knowledge and talent that he brings to the table are staggering. He'll drop an idea for a story on us and two minutes later turn up with a breathtaking photoshop or illustration. It seems like everything he touches turns to gold, and no one but no one hates Nazis the way he does.

Mat Honan
Senior Reporter

The apocryphal one, Mat Honan. Mat is great at telling you why you should care about something, be it in the tech world or the world at large. He had a hand in creating the single serving website, and now you'll see him wandering around spouting off about how bad Nick Denton's playlist is or how the internet will tell your boss about all the drugs you've taken. He also needs a haircut.

Kat Hannaford
Contributing Editor

Kat takes care of all our official Giz business across the pond. Before Giz, she worked at Tech Digest and T3, and now she spends her days entertaining the lot of you while the rest of us are still abed. She's been known to blog directly from the pub, and we recently discovered that she's a longtime member of a social network for knitting enthusiasts. Sozzlepops, Kat.

Sam Biddle
Junior Reporter

Sam is a bit of a blogging savant. Sure, he's an OKCupid asshole, but he has an amazing talent for taking a bit of news or culture, scurrying away for an hour or so, and coming back with an engaging or hilarious take on it. What he's not so great at is returning home from a night on the town with any of his personal property.

Adrian Covert
Junior Reporter

Adrian is a master of all things audio. He can tell you why the range on a set of speakers isn't the end-all-be-all, and the intricacies of pretty much any streaming platform on the planet. Musically, he has a habit of talking about a bunch of things you love and sprinkling in a bunch more that you've never heard of, but will love all the same. He's a walking Pandora.

Casey Chan
Junior Reporter

Casey is originally from Southern California, so we spend a lot of time filling him in about life on the East Coast. Until this year he didn't even know how snow days worked! But when it comes to apps, his opinion is just about the only one you need.

Andrew Tarantola
Junior Reporter

Andy's kind of like a ninja lurking in the shadows most days. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's almost always quotable. Taste-wise, if something isn't animated and Japanese, he has no use for it. He's also read more manga than the totality of some American states.

Kelly Hodgkins
Contributing Editor, Nights

I'm kind of in awe of Kelly, our resident Renaissance woman. She's been a Doctoral candidate in Microbiology, a multimedia developer for Adobe Flash and Macromedia Director, and now she kicks ass at Gizmodo long into the night, after the rest of us have signed off.

Jack Loftus
Contributing Editor, Weekends

Jack is like the Blog Post Fairy for us. We close up shop for the weekend, go about our business, and when we come back on Monday, a bunch of awesome posts are waiting for us. He's a social media guru, an SEO wiz, and operates out of Boston.

Kwame Opam
Contributing Editor, Weekends

Poor Kwame finds himself the butt of several Giz memes, mostly due to his affinity for turtlenecks and tendency to fall asleep in the middle of dance floors. He holds down the fort for us on Saturdays, and during the week he manages to be a million places at once while still turning out great ideas.

Kyle Wagner
Editorial Assistant

And as for me, let me give you a bit of a peek behind the curtain. Working for Giz can be completely overwhelming at times. Everyone is ridiculously talented and driven and amazing. The first time you see everyone form rank and split off on assignments on a big news day really gives you perspective on how on point everyone is. The hours are rough, and it's as relentless a workplace as you'll find, but it's absolutely the best job in the world.