Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011How to Fix Facebook's New Broken Chat System (YES!)

Gizmodo reader Tal Ater agreed that Facebook's new chat system is a clusterzuck of confusion, so he created a little program to fix it! It will take off the list anyone who's offline. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011Dear Apple, Can You Just Buy Hulu? Please?

Hulu needs owners who aren't ancient and terrible. Apple needs a streaming video service that isn't ancient and terrible. So based on those unconfirmed reports that Apple is interested in buying Hulu, I have only one demand: DO IT. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011These Tongs Are Actually an FDA-Approved Vibrator for Men (NSFW)

These tongs have just been approved by the FDA. My first question was "what the hell are they for?" After reading the answer my second question was "WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY FOR?" Then I watched the video: More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 20116 Tools to Correct Your Hydration Situation

As the Midwest and East Coast continue to swelter, staying hydrated is imperative. These 6 devices will keep your fluids topped off regardless of the temperature outside. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011Let's Settle This Once and For All: What Exactly Is Sexting?

It goes like this: horny teenagers have always been horny. Then they got cellphones, and used them to exchange raunchy pics with each other. Horrified parents demanded an explanation, and "sexting" was born. More »


Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011Why Ratings Will Ruin Wikipedia

Did you know you can rate pages on Wikipedia now? It's new. And it's meant to get you involved, with the ultimate goal of increasing the site's accuracy, diversity and completeness. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011How Do You Move a Space Shuttle? This Thing.

Since the Space Shuttle couldn't very well fly itself to the launch pad, NASA had to figure out how to get $1.7 billion worth of spacecraft from the Vehicle Assembly Building the the Launch Pad. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011The Borders Goodbye Email Is Like Watching Old Yeller in Slow Motion

Just when the snarkbot in me wanted to giggle at Borders like a great big jerk, they go and send this genuinely heartfelt farewell message. In summary: they got their butts kicked, and they're sorry. So am I. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011These Australian Waterfalls Are Running Upwards

Winds are now so strong on the southern coast of Australia—74.5mph (120km/h)—that waterfalls are running upwards. The water is just being blown up from the bottom. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011Tron Light Disk Audio Dock by Monster: Oooo, Lights (The Sound Ain't Bad Either)

Is Tron still cool? OK, that's a stupid question. Tron is forever. And this Monster Tron Light Disk Audio Dock looks like it was lifted straight from the the Grid. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011Forklift's $1M Red Wine Accident "Was Like a Murder Scene"

My first question in regards to the horrible accident at Mollydooker Wines is if anyone got down on their hands and knees and started lapping like a dog. More »

Top Stories: Friday July 22, 2011Cozy Up to the Gizmodo Staff

You love us, right? Come on, it's okay to admit it. Well even if you don't love love us (which you totally should), you at least like us, don't you? Of course you do. More »