Oh, Gaddafi, you eccentric old creeper. Of course you have a gigantic network of tunnels under Tripoli so you can sneak around and do dastardly shit. Yeah, well, all your tunnel are belong to rebels.

The Libyan oppostion and a couple TV crews have finally breached Gaddafi's massive complex of underground tunnels. Nobody is yet sure just how massive it is, as they still haven't explored every tributary and room, but they've discovered tons of ammo, bedrooms, and a smashed up Gaddafi-mobile. The only thing they haven't found is Gaddafi (who is supposedly still hiding in Tripoli). Check out the video and photo gallery for a few highlights.[Daily Mail]

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Rebels find a hidden entrance to the tunnel network.

Image credit: AP


Descending into the maze.

Image credit: AP/Sergey Panomarev

Deeper into the abyss.

Image credit: AP/Sergey Panomarev

A crushed and overturned Gaddafi-mobile.

Image credit: AP

The rebels uncover and seize literally tons of ammunition.

Image credit: AFP/Getty

The site of your dream honeymoon.

Image credit: AP