Bought an iPhone 4 recently and wishing you'd waited for the 4S? Well, you might not be out of luck. Apple is now offerring up $200 in credit for a used iPhone 4 in good condition.

There are a few caveats. In order to fetch $200 it has to be a 16GB iPhone 4 and it has to be in immaculate shape. It's got to be fully functional and have a battery that works well. It's gotta be pretty (no scratches, scrapes, or blemishes)—basically you can't have any damage of any kind. You also need to do a factory reset, and include the power adapter. Sub-par iPhones will fetch less or may not be eligible for trade-in at all.


The $200 comes in the form of Apple credit, which isn't as good as cold hard cash, but the upshot is that if your iPhone 4 is in great shape, that $200 should cover you for an iPhone 4S (at a new two-year contract). If you're eager to get in on this action, here's a link to the Apple Recycling Program.[MacNN]

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